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Hi Terry,

You are absolutely right. All the values in the config.xml get
translated into a single structure that gets passed to the coldspring factory.
So if you have for example:

Setting name=TransferSettings
transferFile:config/transfer.xml.cfm, definitions:config/definitions}
ColdBox will translate that to a structure called 'TransferSettings' with all
the keys. Then on your coldspring definition file you can use:

<constructor-arg name="datasourcePath">

Now, in order for coldspring to have access to
this file you must use the
"IOCFramework,IOCDefinitionFile,IOCObjectCaching" settings in your
config. This way, ColdBox loads the coldspring factory for you with the
definition file and passing in all the arguments.

Just make sure that your
paths for the files are correct. Transfer needs the full relative paths.

is how I am using it, and it works awesome.
Let me know if this helps or you
need more info.

Ohh, it did not post in the group, because, the first time you
post there, it gets moderated. The second time it just goes through.