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Hi Terry,

From what I understand about plugins these are more akin to services
that are accessible to the application; Thus, as a service, it should adhere to
the concept of encapsulation, which means that it should only depend on its
interface to interact with the outside world (the rest of the application).
Allowing a plugin to access a UDF is pretty much the same thing as pretending it
to access global variables, which plainly brakes the entire concept of

Furthermore, plugins are intended as reusable constructs that
are independent of your actual application's implementation. Thus, if the plugin
code now becomes dependent on the presence of certain UDF, then it is no longer
a plugin per se since it is not independent any more. Therefore if it is not
complying with the properties of a plugin then perhaps coding it as such may not
be the best architectural approach.

But, of course, all rules are meant to be
broken, so if you wish you may want to share with everyone here what you are
trying to do, and I'm sure more than one will be happy to help you find the best