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In my install of Eclipse you choose Help->Search or Help->Dynamic Help
to get the in-editor help tab or Help->Help Contents to launch it in an external
browser loading the files off the internal Eclipse server
( I normally use it in the browser so it leaves more
room in the IDE for code display.

Some Eclipse help formatted files:
FlexBuilder installs it's own help files (very good ones) and to get CF7 help
you add the Flex/CF plugin:

and an updated version of the above for CF8 soon:


Unfortunately the Flex/CF application generation wizard part won't
even start when running either FlexBuilder or Eclipse/FlexBuilder plugin on OS
X (message says somthing about "Plaform not supported"). Hopefully Adobe will
get this fixed with the CF8 version of the plugins. The RDS viewer, SQL Query
editor and Help files all work great though. With this stuff and CFEclipse
installed it is easy to do mixed Flex/CF against MySQL all from the one IDE :wink:

P.S. My experience is that, on OS X, a base Eclipse 3.2 install with
the FlexBuilder, CFEclipse, Subclipse (SVN), Quantum DB (MySQL), Aptana
(HTML/CSS) and Mylar (Trac/Bugzilla) plugins runs faster than the default
FlexBuilder standalone install. Many of these useful plugins refuse to install
correctly into the standalone FlexBuilder version anyway.