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I'll start with webservices.

The webservices plugin is a useful plugin that
abstracts some webservice creation and stub refreshing. You declare named
webservices in your configuration file and then use the 'getWS()' or
'getWSObj()' methods on the plugin.

getWS('alias') gives you the wsdl URL
getWSObj('alias') gives you the webservice object

You can then call methods
on those as needed. Same if you would like to refresh the webservice stubs.
In summary, the webservices plugin, helps you abstract webservice refreshing,
creation, and maintenance.

As for your first question, can you expand more on
what you are trying to do. When you say call an event from server x to server y,
does this mean, via http request, webservice? using cfhttp or how?

What I can
tell you, is that you can install the framework anywhere and just tap to it via
virtual directories or aliases. As for your source code, are you clustering?
Please expand.