MailService "Exception reading response"

Does the mail service use CF-Admin defaults?

Sending with super-basic cfmail tag works:
<cfmail to="" from=""
subject="Gmail Test basic">
Email Message.

But with the same arguments to the MailService config, it fails with
"Exception reading response"

Hi Don,

Under the hood the mail service just uses cfmail to send things out, so I would ‘expect’ it to work in the same way, so I’m not quite sure why it’s doing that.

Can you share the code you’re using? both configuration and the code which sends the mail.

I’d be happy to take a look and help you out.


Don Q.

The MailService can use the defaults set into the CFAdmin and it can use the Mail Config bean “coldbox.system.core.mail.MailSettingsBean”. To use the MailSettingsBean you will want to provide it as an argument to the init method of the MailService. There currently is no dirrect coralation between the “mailSettings” config and the mail service. The MailSettings drive bug reports from ColdBox–but, do not get automatically injected into the MailService.

Aaron Greenlee

Sure, this is what I'm using (following example from Dan Vegas
Solitary & what I've seen from google searches)
Is there anything in here that is bad/wrong?

var emailView = 'notification/subscriptionNotification'; = MailService.newMail().config(
  subject="Joe Posted in Test"
  author = 'joe',
  topicTitle = 'Test',
  url = ''
local.mailResult = mailService.send(local.Email);

Can you please provide the complete stacktrace?



Ah found it.
16138 "Error","scheduler-0","05/22/11","07:01:32","Exception reading
16139 javax.mail.MessagingException: Exception reading response;
16140 nested exception is:
16141 Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext

Sounds as if the mailService is over-ridding SSL attributes instead of
using defaults, but that doesn't seem likely.

Can you send an email normally with your cfmail tag and the SSL property? The first message shows working code but without the SSL.

I’m starting to think this is not a ColdBox issue.