Making changes to themes, modules, widgets on a constant basis hangs ColdFusion 9.01

Ok, I doubt that this is an actual ColdBox / ContentBox problem. However I am only noticing the issue with these sites, but more so with ContentBox when making a lot of changes to the a theme and modules etc.

What is happening is that around 6-10 times a day, ColdFusion is actually hanging. And is non-responsive for about 5-10 mins. Eventually if you leave it alone on the page request it will come back, but if you stop ColdFusion while it is in this state. You can’t restart ColdFusion without shutting the entire server down.

This is not a production system, but a VPS running in a VirtualBox with Windows 2008 R2 and 12gig of memory, with nothing more than a stock standard Windows Server installation and ColdFusion 9.01 as a multi-server installation.

So far there is nothing in the logs that indicate what is happening here, but I am suspecting that this is an CF-ORM or caching issue. I suspect CF-ORM, mainly because I have seen it on another site that is ColdBox only with no caching enabled, but I could be wrong.

Now before I go to Adobe with this, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how I can track what is the actual cause of this, given that the logs virtually show nothing out of the ordinary.

I take it nobody has any idea on this?

Its driving me insane.

Hmm, look into the JVM arguments in terms of, how much RAM you have assigned and what GC collectors are active. It might be come gc pauses? I would get some metrics from the GC (Garbage Collector)

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I should also point out that using jMeter to do 5000 user requests also shows this problem, where one request gets locked and will not shut down.

Is there a way to pinpoint the issue Andrew?

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I am trying to find what is the cause, but not having much success at the moment.

Not giving in as yet.

Its either a CF or mysql issue, in mysql raising the connections to 10000 fixes the issue for a small while. But it is eventually back. It is almost like CF is not adhering to the maintaining of the connection, or its because of that I am running out of connections.