mapDSL("entityService") - trying to get funky

I would like to create my own entityService object builder using MongoDB instead of ColdFusion ORM. I am trying to override the internal “entityService” namespace as described in the CB docs:

WireBox allows you to create your own DSL object builders and then register them via your configuration binder. This allows you to create a namespace or override an internal namespace with your own object builder.

In my Wirebox.cfc I have:

However, CB seems to still be injecting entityService:MyEntity via the internal VirtualEntityService object (I get an error because no datasource exists). Am I mistaken that this can be done? If I change to a custom name like “mongoEntityService” it uses my object builder, but I don’t want to do that (I want to be able to swap between Mongo & CFORM at will without updating inject="" arguments all over the place).