mapping import to my convention

// Mapping Imports
import coldbox.system.*;

This line of code is required, so i can’t have just one instance of coldbox using my cf mapping:
/coldbox ==> D:/Frameworks/coldbox_3.5.0-8

My app is here: D:/Websites/ContentBoxTest

anyway I can import coldbox from my frameworks directory?


Why did you embed coldbox framework in contentbox? Why not allow the use of a global cf mapping?

ContentBox is a complete package, and it would be to make sure that the latest ColdBox is used and reduces support requests.

Now having said that, there is NO reason why you can’t just extract just the modules and drop them into an existing ColdBox application, just be aware that the minimum ColdBox version will change as fixes are made to ColdBox.

Andrew, I’ve been struggling to install into existing coldbox app that uses a global CF mapping. Then I tried it in reverse - I first installed contentbox then wrapped it with my parent app and it went well because I used the embedded packaged.

I prefer the modular setup so I can use global mappings, but I have to continue trying to figure out how to make it work. My latest issue is described here: Google Groups

Thanks Andrew.

And what version of ColdBox is the global CF mapping pointing too?

I am 99% positive that it needs to be ColdBox 3.5.3

Really. darn. I am mapped to 3.5.1. Now I have to wait 'til I get home. I carpooled today. I’ll try it. thanks for the help.

No problem, just did make that clear in my first response. But do let us know how you go.

global cf mapping worked and i was able to successfully run contentbox dsncreator.

however the installation threw this error: The variable CONTENTVERSIONSERVICE is undefined.

and hitting my entry point goes back to the installation form and throws this error: Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.cb_permission’.

Unbelieveable, I’ve been using autowire interceptor and this was screwing up with DIs in BaseContent.cfc and everywhere else.

My app is now using contentbox modules. Oh yeah! so happy.

Great to hear…

Daniel, glad you solved it. Christmas came early!