Media Manager - Upload not working on FireFox 20.0.1

Hi there,

I have a strange problem with file uploads on Firefox 20.0.1. The dialog “Choose file” appears, I click a on a file and upload it. The file does not appear afterwards. Turning on the debug output, does not show up an error.
Any idea what’s happening? -All FF plugins are up to date.

Chrome is working, so it doesn´t seem to be the source code…



I wanted to test this with an older version of Mozilla, but i got an execption:

Error Messages: key [CB_MEDIA_HTML5UPLOADS_MAXFILESIZE] doesn’t exist in struct.

I think, this is related to other exceptions i have since the update. I’m sure, that i can set this in the Geek settings.
In which file are these settings stored or are they in the database?



It seems that our upgrade to uploadify fails for Firefox. We have a ticket for this.

We actually implemented html5 uploads now and will remove uploadify soon.

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