memcached / session storage

Is there a way to store session data in memcached?

Do you have a suggestion? What i’m thinking is building a model where I can store the data in memcache and fetching on request but I want to make sure there isn’t an already existing function/feature of coldbox?

Jeremy R. DeYoung

no, that would be CF exposing session to store somewhere.

M6 will include our cachebox updates, where you can build your own cache provider based on memcached and seamlessly integrate it into coldbox. So you might want to see the interface already on SVN: coldbox.system.cache.ICacheProvider, and build it according to those specs!

Luis F. Majano
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Any idea on time frame on this?

I’m looking to use this functionality at some point soon.

If I pull down SVN, can I code against it?


Yes i think i winr be modifyin. The interfaces anymore. Maybe little
changes here and there but I have not touched them anymore.

There are two interfaces one for a cache provider the other for a
coldbox app provider. The difference is that cache provider is for
usage in any framework, then cbox interface is for coldbox to use it
within a coldbox app.