Migrating from Mach II to ColdBox

Due to the uncertainty of Mach II, we are thinking of possibly moving to another framework. I was looking to see if anyone has done a migration from Mach II to ColdBox. And if you did, how easy or complex was the migration? Were there any unexpected issues? Did ColdBox improve you application’s performance? We’re trying to determine if we should invest the time and effort to migrate to ColdBox.

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Hi Marc, I would certainly recommend a conversion just for the simple fact that Mach II has been stationary for a long while now. ColdBox is the most active CF framework and has been for some time. It is also the most (or perhaps the only) forward-thinking framework providing developers with the same kind of tools and ecosystem that have been common among Groovy, Ruby, or Node shops for years. Just look at our announcement today about ColdBox 4 and our new CommandBox CLI:


It’s been a long time since I’ve touched Mach-II so I hope some others who have recent experience will speak up, but you may find our blog series on converting FuseBox helpful since it contains some generic advice:


And finally, if you’re very new to ColdBox, here’s a series of PDF ref cards which I would recommend digesting prior to diving into our “comprehensive” documentation.


Playing with CommandBox is also a nice way to start using ColdBox in a matter of seconds. Just open the CLI and type this:

mkdir test
cd test
coldbox create app myApp

Wait a couple seconds and you’ll be starting at a web browser running your first ColdBox test site. When you’re done, just type “stop” and delete the folder.



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ive used most of the popular frameworks in my 15 yrs of cf development. coldbox has the most goodies and follows the popular programming design patterns. it makes dev rapid, organized, scalable, and flexible.

look at the community. Luis, Brad and the rest of the gang are all-stars at supporting coldbox.

look at the documentation. well organized and covers everything.

Luis / Ortus Solutions is at every major cf conference. they host their own mini conferences and training sessions.

its a great framework with great support and lots of continued improvement.

Hi Marc,

We’re currently in the process of migrating from Mach-II to coldbox.

We’ve had a few hitches along the way such as getting everything running side by side ( just took a bit of tinkering in application.cfc etc) but overall Its going pretty well!

I suspect it’ll no doubt be another year or so before we’re fully migrated but i dont think anyone will want to look back once we’ve done so.

Just the fact that the entire config layer can be contained in a handler cfc as opposed to an XML file and a Listener.cfc is enough for me! - this saves a LOT of time! (and a bit less time getting junior devs up and running)

Generally speaking, most of the work has just been a case of writing new handlers to tackle the config layer so far, where legacy model code was written well enough to be ported (sadly in a lot of cases there was way too much logic in our listeners and a lot has had to be totally refactored)

That aside, performance wise, we’re not really in a position to give definitive answers due to only a small part of the system being coldbox based at the moment, but we’ve been aware for a long time that full application reloads with mach 2 cause a bit of a server slowdown, so we’re hoping there will be less slowdowns once we’ve moved fully to coldbox.

hopefully the above gives you a little insight as to my own experiences with moving from mach 2 to coldbox!

ultimately though, with mach 2 now retired its probably a good time to move away anyway and i dont think there is any better option at the moment than coldbox! - just my $0.02 mind :slight_smile: