Missed Convention


I'm curious about a small semantics change from 2.6.3 to 2.6.4. And
I'm just looking to understand the background around my issue. In
2.6.3 in order to access the htmlHead() you used exactly that notation

With 2.6.4 the direct access to htmlHead disappeared and what I found
is that I have to migrate my htmlHead functions in event handlers to

I'm sure there is some convention/rationale being applied here that I
have missed or never understood and would love to know what


Hi Jade,

All cfml functions that we create facades for have been added a $ in front so not to collide with cf9 or future versions. They where there to help people writing in script since cfscript was really bad until cf9.

Eventually, all the $cffacades will disappear once cf9 is standard, a few years down the road.

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