Missing Coldbox in Binder and Confused

I have had this reoccur several times but usually at a place where I assumed I had set the wobbly in motion. However today, I get it again for apparently no reason.

It ran fine all morning and now has decided to throw this out of left field.

Per-application mapping

// Coldbox static properties
COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH = getDirectoryFromPath(getCurrentTemplatePath());
COLDBOX_APP_MAPPING = “/cf/isrfw/”;

// mappings
this.mappings["/coldbox"] = COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH & “coldbox”;

The only way I’ve found to even get it unstuck is to have the department that manages the servers restart the service. Which is something I have to request and wait for. I can’t recreate it in my local build environment but they’re not exactly apples 2 apples.

What could cause the Coldbox instance to go missing and how do you drill down to the issue in this case.

Element COLDBOX is undefined in a Java object of type class [Ljava.lang.String;.The error occurred in D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\ioc\config\Binder.cfc: line 97

Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\config\WireBox.cfc: line 22
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\ioc\config\Binder.cfc: line 76
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\ioc\Injector.cfc: line 953
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\ioc\Injector.cfc: line 125
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\ioc\Injector.cfc: line 92
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\web\services\LoaderService.cfc: line 144
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\web\services\LoaderService.cfc: line 73
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\Coldbox.cfc: line 71
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\Coldbox.cfc: line 102
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\coldbox\system\Coldbox.cfc: line 336
Called from D:\JRun4\servers\93_CFMX2\cfusion.ear\cfusion.war\cf\ISRFW\Application.cfc: line 58

95 : 	<!--- getAppMapping --->
96 :     <cffunction name="getAppMapping" output="false" access="public" returntype="any" hint="Get the ColdBox app mapping variable if context linked">
**97 :     	<cfreturn instance.coldbox.getSetting("AppMapping")>**
98 :     </cffunction>
99 : 

Coldbox looks for paths /coldbox/etc so if your coldbox folder is
called coldbox, you'd want to actually create a mapping for "/" not
for "/coldbox" and set it to