model inject model dependency and ocm

I have a bunch of code to paste, so I am going to try to set this up
pseudo code style. here is the layout of what I have that is throwing
the error:

Model A
Model B

Model A
    Inject Ocm
    Inject Model B
    Call Method in B

Model B
    Inject Ocm

when model a tries to inject model b and model b has an ocm injection,
I am getting an undefined error on the ocm injection variable

this is the function that errors in model b when it's called via the
model injection from model A

  <cffunction name="qUserLevels" access="public" returntype="query"
    <cfargument name="LevelID" type="numeric" required="false"
    <cfargument name="HasMenu" type="numeric" required="false"
      var qUserLevels=Instance.DataUserLevels;
      var qUserLevelsOut=[];
    <CFQUERY NAME="qUserLevelsOut" dbtype="query">
      Select LevelID,TextDesc
      From qUserLevels
      Where 0=0
      <cfif IsNumeric(Arguments.LevelID) And Arguments.LevelID GT 0>
        And LevelID = <cfqueryparam value="#Arguments.LevelID#" CFSQLType
      <cfif IsNumeric(Arguments.HasMenu) And Arguments.HasMenu GT 0>
        And HasMenu >= <cfqueryparam value="#Arguments.HasMenu#" CFSQLType
      return qUserLevelsOut;

model a:
<cfproperty name="Permissions"inject="Model" scope="Instance"/>

the function call:

var qPermissions=Instance.Permissions.qUserLevels(HasMenu=1);

any tips or pointers? can this be done or should I use the
controllers to pass in the model dependencies?