Modifying a bundled plugin

I'd like to add a 'flash' msg type to MessageBox, which instead of
displaying a static html msg, uses the jQuery jGrowl plugin to flash a
small msg that then fades away. (Actually, the fade is optional, and
there's other stuff you can do too.) I was thinking of extending the
stock MessageBox, and overriding setMsg (just to allow a new msg type)
and renderit (to call jGrowl if the msg type is 'flash', else do the
default things. I'm not sure if that's the recommended strategy or
not, or if that will even work.

What's best practice here? If an app has a local version of a plugin,
will ColdBox call that instead of the system one? (Yes I know I can
just try it, and I will tomorrow when I'm not so beat, if I don't hear

Is there some other standard way to do something like this?


Nevermind, I think. I just put my plugin in the app's plugins dir, and
called getMyPlugin instead of getPlugin. Seems to work fine.

Is there some other best practice approach? If not, I think I'm good.


I’ve done the same. Extend the core one and call my own. Then I can modify as needed.

  • Gabriel

Yep, put it in your local plugins dir and it should work fine :slight_smile:
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