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Can I have url as a module entry point? For example, could I use to point to the contentbox admin module? I don’t want to it end up like or

I would set up an onRequestCapture interceptor that looks at the domain and fiddles with the request collection as necessary to make it be the correct module. I’ve never actually tried it, but that should be a good place to start.

Alternatively, you may be able to spoof the path info to just make it appear as though there is a “cbadmin” in the url. Check out the pathInfoProvider() function which is made just for this kind of thing:

I don’t know if you’re dealing with ContentBox, but your URL below shows “cbadmin” which appears to be ContentBox. Remember, ContentBox’s modular design allows you to remove the admin module entirely from your production deployment, and create a separate shell application (possibly behind your firewall) that just has the core contentbox modules plus the admin module. You should be able to override the entry point in that second, secure admin app to be whatever you want.



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I just used that as an example. I really have two coldbox apps and I want them to share session information (part of my previous post), so I’m thinking of converting one to a module, the problem is I want the module to have it’s own domain name.

My main site

The site I’m thinking of making a module out of

I’m making changes to the teams app where team members can login to do a variety of team activities. I want them to be able to navigate from the team site to the main site and keep the logged in identity.

You can also do this mod rewrites as well.