I want to create a new module in the root/modules-folder, parallel to contentbox, contentbox-ui, etc.
I insert a ModuleRoute in config/Routes.cfm to this module and it works great. I also insert new routes in ModuleConfig.cfc (in the new module) to a handler, this works too.
But the arguments in the calling functions are incomplete. (especially prc), no information of the contentbox is available.
I tried to insert interceptions like in contentbox-ui, i’ve declared the interceptors in ModuleConfig.cfc, but the function “preProcess” don’t be executed.


Additional question: Is this way to extend the application the right way?
Could it be possible, that we have to extend the contentbox-ui folder, to extend the entire application? adding new handler …?

I am confused. What doesn’t work as expected?

Our Example:

Routes.cfm: pattern de/ routes to contentbox-ui-module, en/ routes to my new module:
In both ModuleConfig.cfc is following route: pattern: /test, handler=“test”, action=“test”.
In both module-folders is a handler called test.cfc with the function “test(event,rc,prc)”, both functions will be called, but in the contentbox-ui, the variable rpc is more filled than the variable rpc in the new module folder.
I’ve registered, that in the contentbox-ui module the interceptors (to fill the variable rpc?!) will be executed, but not in my new module folder.


Sorry man, but I guess I don’t see the issue. Sorry, can you re-explain please :slight_smile:


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