Modules and configAutoReload

In trying to learn a bit about modules, I did the following:
Copied the Advanced application sample from Application Templates to
my document root.
Unmodified, the following sequence works without error:

[click the forgebox link that appears on the main page]
[forgebox page appears]
[click refresh, page refreshes]

In other words, it all works fine. Next, I changed the
configAutoReload in coldbox.cfc to true and did the following:

[main page appears and then when I click the forgebox link, the
following error occurs]

Error Messages: Element forgebox is undefined in a CFML structure
referenced as part of an expression.
Tag Context:
ID: ??
LINE: 287
Template: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\coldbox\system\web\context

With configAutoReload set to true,




fails with the error shows above (but works if I set configAutoReload
back to false).

Windows 7 w/IIS
CF 9.0.1
CB 3.0.0 M6


I submitted this question but never saw it appear on the forum. Can anyone
explain this issue with modules and configAutoReload?


Not sure bob, I will have to look at this.

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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