Modules and SES Urls

I am having some issues getting my SES urls working right when using modules. The first quirk here is that the application in question is not located in the root - it is in a subfolder of the web root (http://domain.tld/folder/app/index.cfm).

In my base application, routes.cfm file, I have the following function call:

addModuleRoutes( pattern = “/contactMgr”, module=“contactMgr” );

Then, in the ModuleConfig.cfc file, I have the following configuration settings:

routes = [
{ pattern = “/”, handler = “base”, action = “index” },
{ pattern = “/admin”, handler = “admin/list”, action = “list” }

Now, this url works as expected …


Both of the following urls result in the error “the event: contactMgr.admin is not a valid registered event” …


Any suggestions as to what piece I am missing here?

The other issue is when I use the ‘buildLink’ function, it returns a relative link starting with a ‘/’, so the subfolder is lost resulting in a 404 error. I don’t know if fixing the above issues will solve this as well or not.


I am still beating my head against this rock today … everything looks right according to the documentation, but it is not working. Any ideas?