Modules when autoreload is false, and fwreinit the application

Ok I have tracked this down to something very weird, but maybe expected. So here is the scenario:

I place ALL my services into a directory called services, I then use an interceptor to load this directory for each Module as well. This works 100% of the time, except under 2 conditions.

Condition 1: fwreinit={password}

If I do this on my application then a get a DI property as being undefined, which seems a bit strange.

Condition 2: modules.autoReload = false;

If this is set as I do for my staging server, which is to mimic production, I find that I get the same error.

My question is this appears to be a wirebox potential problem, but I don’t know I way to get around this. But it more appears to be the way modules are getting loaded, due to the autoReload of modules as well.

Anyone else able to reproduce this, and I quickly can this be fixed. I am unable to begin optimization of the application to go into production with this problem.


Andrew Scott