More bizarre behavior

Well, if its not one thing its another…

Both websites are up, but the embedded apps on both websites are throwing similar errors:

They say that an invalid/unregistered event has been detected. Both have to do with the Application.cfc framework methods/event handlers that are defined in the coldbox.xml.cfm config.

Any takers on this one?



It all seems related to BD. It seems that the JVM is out of memory for creating new threads. I am not familiar, with BD that much to know how many threads you can create.



What I went ahead and did was removed all the lines for cfthread in MTlogger.cfc and MTcachemanager.cfc and reinitialized and it all seems to work now (at least its been running for a few hours now).

I posted to the BD list and hopefully they will check into it.


Yes, it seems related to BD, because on CF8 it runs pretty smooth.