More updates that need testing please!

Hey everybody, as we continue to rock with development, we have commited a few updates that I would love feedback on:

  1. Hiearchical CMS URIs. This is now super cool and finalized. When you create sub pages, you will now navigate to the sub page via its parent page ancestry. So you can create awesome sections in your website like: /products/coldbox, /products/contentbox
  2. Page and Entry caching is now online. Each set of rendered content is now cached for performance once it has been translated and rendered. You have full control via the new “Content Caching” settings panel in the settings section. You can choose the cache provider via CacheBox and its default timeouts.
  3. The page and entry editors now have a new icon that represents the visual insertion of widgets. You don’t have to remember the {{{}}} notation anymore. You can have a nice little dialog to follow in the editor to insert a widget.
  4. New MessageBox widget to create awesome ColdBox MessageBoxes

That’s it for now, please give these guys a test and let me know your feedback.