I am wanting to blog on a number of topics and think the categories is not enough to split them up. While I could just go create different sites for each topic what would make more sense to me is to have a multi-blog app that allows me to blog on different theme topics ( with categories for each theme topic staying with the theme ) on the same site.

  • CFML/Development

  • Business of Technology (aimed more at business people than devs)

  • Startup (business startup community stuff)
    This keeps white noise away from the blog readers. We get enough white noise using Facebook, twitter and Google+. :slight_smile:

Anyone else want to join with me to create this or perhaps to do a alternate mod on ContentBox to allow for this?

This is achievable with ContentBox right now, what you describe is the categories and then just use tags to tag the content. But as for multi-blog Luis is already talking about this with ContentBox as a paid option.