Multiple blog entry points in one site


this is something I would like to have in the next version.

a) for multi lingual sites
b) for larger sites with different interest groups like: management blog, tech blog

So our site is like this
domain.tld/de/blog/ (Filters for all entries with category de)
domain.tld/en/blog/ (Filters for all entries with category en)

My proposal (all internal):

  • remove blog entry point from settings
  • define one or multiple entry points in content>pages with a new type: BlogEntryPoint
  • add attribute for entry point: prefilter by categories
  • make link from entry point to blog post to see prefiltered post by category

I’m pretty sure that we can implement this with a little help from you Coldbox guys.

What do you think?

Best regards,


I agree. Actually we might need to do this sooner than later as we are integrating the ColdBox and ContentBox sites into the Ortus sites and we need multiple blogs already so why don’t we star on this right now for 2.1. Let’s open another thread and spec it out.

Hi Gunnar,

I was trying to create a multisite contentbox. You could check here

We’ve discussed here: Google Groups

Basically I’ve created a mapped super class which every orm entities extends, then I’ve added a module to register url.

Hi Francesco,

multi site goes much further than what I proposed. My primary intetion is to have mutiple blogs on one site.
I don’t have the time to analyze and try what you did. I think the Coldbox guys have to decide how to proceed with your
development. Since multi site is on the roadmap it would be good to have a decision this.

Best regards,