Multiple Coldbox Apps Clashing


I have two apps running on my server both sharing the same coldbox
core files. For some reason the applications seem to be clashing.
While one application is fine, the other app is throwing an error

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: Renderer.ViewNotFoundException : [N/A]
Error Messages: View not located
The view: vwHome could not be located in the conventions folder or in
the external location. Please verify the view name and location

It's as if application 2 is looking for a view that is defined in
application 1. I'm not trying to share views between my apps at this
point and the only thing I'm trying to share is the main coldbox
\system core files.

Any idea on why this might be happening and how to fix it?



The only way I think this is possible is if your application was the same
application name, otherwise I think you might find it is something else in
your code causing this to happen.

Is this something that is happening each and everytime, if it is then you
might wish to run the ColdFusion debugger over your code to see if something
else is being trashed in your application to cause this.

Andrew Scott

I posted the same issue last week with "bleeding" in the title.

Still unresolved.

Here is a link to another post (unsolved) with the same issue:

I'm guessing that you're getting your Application.cfc to extend
coldbox.system.ColdBox. Just curious to know if this happen if you
bootstrap to ColdBox instead. I prefer doing it this way, as you could
also have a separate coldbox install per site as you can use per
application mappings.

I too have just witnessed this exact behavior.
changing the settings in one coldbox.cfc config structure seems to be
contaminating that other application running in another browser both
with different application names....even after reint of the framework.

unchecking 'component cache' on the cfadmin seems to get them to
respond correctly