multiple datasource calls in one handler function

Maybe I am missing something simple, but I have a Handler function that selects data from this database, and then must insert it into another database.

I run an object call to model file A to get all the data from database A.
I then need to run a call to model file B to get some data from Database B based on a var from the data pulled back from database A.

when i try to call model B and run the query no matter how i try to call this function, the datasource for this function connecting to database B will not validate. If I take the query from this function and run it in toad, it works, but not as a function. I even put the query in the handler and the datasource still does not validate.

<cfset getCropInfo = objSxSCaseData.getCrop(currentCase, Form9142Data.Employer_ID)> --this calls database A (staticDSN1)

<cfset lcrCropID = lcjrinternal.getCropIDInfo(’#getCropInfoCrop#") --this calls database B here is the function i am calling, nothing crazy, even just putting in the static datasource for the example.

SELECT crop_id FROM crops WHERE UPPER(crop) = UPPER('#arguments.cropName#')

any thoughts on why my second function call to which calls a whole new db, which validates in CF admin, but can’t connect to it via this code, would be a problem?


Stupid CFTransaction does not allow multiple datasource calls, so if I move all the select stmts outside the cftransaction, looks like it will work.

sorry for the wasted post.