MxUnit Application settings

I have this Application.cfc settings on my test folder:

this.mappings["/baseApp"] = expandpath('../../'); this.ormEnabled = true; this.datasource = "test"; this.ormSettings = { cfclocation = ["/baseApp/model","/baseApp/modules/solitary/model"], dialect = "MySQL", dbcreate = "update", logSQL = true, flushAtRequestEnd = false, eventHandling = true, eventhandler = "/baseApp/model/EventHandler" };

When I try to run a simple GeneralTest.cfc I got:

railo.runtime.orm.ORMException: No entity (persitent component) with name [Role] found, available entities are []

I suppose this is due to wrong mapping setings…

Could you help me?

If you dump out expand path on /baseApp/model and /baseApp/modules/solitary/model, do those directories point to where your ORM entities live?



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Yes those directories point where my entities lives…