Named Anchors and SES

Am I missing something?

How can I create and use a named anchor with a SES URL???

For example...

<a href="index.cfm/news#abc123">Goto news item</a>

<a name="abc123>News Item</a>

...goes nowhere??

I guess CB is trying to make a name/value pair out of it?

I not sure how that could be coldbox - is not the anchor action handled in the browser before CB ses routing ever takes place?.. maybe I’m missing something else… could you be using jquery to handle clicks and preventing default action somewhere on the page?


…goes nowhere??

Or try

Goto news item

I glad someone else can see the issue. Means I'm not totally missing
the plot :slight_smile:

I don't really want to drop down into jQuery to do something that's so
basic to HTML.

Bit hard at the moment to explain to the client why I can't support
named links!


Yeah, tried that.

When you mouse-over the link it reports it as
and when clicked goes to the home (default) page.

Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting that you use jquery to solve your problem, I was suggesting that this is not an issue I know of with coldbox… it could could be somewhere else like in a jQuery event handler… or your html formatting.

Then again maybe I’m wrong and Luis screwed up SES somehow as you describe… :wink:



I'm sorry too. I just snatched at the mention of jQuery as I've been
doing a lot of that recently :slight_smile:

Also I'm not suggesting Luis screwed up SES, just that it's a use case
that's not been catered for. In fact I couldn't get a non-SES link to




in desperation!

That’s weird.

I use SES routing with CB 3.0M5 and have some jQuery going on and I have no problems with anchors in my views.

Top of the page ...... Top

when building the anchor link within a cfoutput tag remember the double pound.

Also, the anchor name is CaseSensitive for the link… is abc123 the same case in the link and the anchor?

Something else is going on Rich. What exactly I don’t know, but it’s probably just one of these IT10T issues we all encounter.