Need help with installation

Hi I’ve just started to learn coldfusion and using railo to do so. I/ve installed contentbox but, I’m getting this message in the address bar:

Not sure why.
The url pattern in web.xml is below:
I’ve installed contentbox in a sub folder called cb as per the readme.
I’ve checked the database and all the tables have been created. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Dai

Are you saying it is redirecting to that or what is the error that you see?


To be honest not sure what it’s doing but, here is a screen grab to give you an idea.
I’m still getting used how the colfusion works so I’m a bit lost at the moment til I get a bit more familiar with it.

It looks like you are caught in a redirect loop, so the browser is just erroring. Can you tell us a bit more about your setup. Are you going directly to tomcat, what version of CF/Railo are you using? Are you proxying over to it?


setup is railo 4.1 using tomcat as root with contentbox as a subdirectory database is mariadb was mysql this morning on a mint debian OS.
Here is the path to where the contentbox files are.


Not using any proxy.

The content box being used is an install from the railo administrator.

Maybe try not running it out of a folder and out of a webroot. It should work out of subfolder, but that would be something to try.

Curt Gratz

I’m not quite sure what you mean. I could run it from root but that would put all the files in root and just make a mess and I don’t want to do that it confuse the crap out of me.
Surely someone is running Contentbox in railo in a subfolder with in root (I’m doing it with Mura) If you are could you show what you did on our setup.
I’ve probably missed something somewhere but, I don’t know where.

Mura is a lot different.

ColdBox and uses something called appmappings to do this for you, and it all boils down to the url and if your using SES or not as well with url rewrites.

But personally if your going to setup a site with ContentBox your are far better off with the whole thing in the web root, the strucutre is not what your used to but it is the best way.

My guess is you have one location, and use one IIS website to then browse all your sites with the way you have described. This is something that most will tell you that you need to get out of the habit off. The reason is that sites like this really need to be run as if you are running it in production. The way you are trying it will cause you more headaches and more debugging trying to find bugs with one over the other, etc.

But it is your choice, and I think you need to think about how you set up sites on your development machines.

You are probably right but finding a good tutorial on setting up railo and contentbox is difficult if not impossible. I’d run it in the express version if I thought there wouldn’t be a conflict on my machine.

I haven’t used it in Railo, but I am sure the Railo guys in here will give you the right advice.

I am late to the game Dai

Sorry about your troubles. Can you sum them up for me. I do extensive work with Railo and ContentBox, so I will help you out.

Can you layout what you did exactly please?


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I’ve installed contentbox from railo admin database is set up all tables are there after doing the install.
made sure that mapping is correct as far as I’m aware /cb/index.cfm/* but when content box is run all I get is: (see attachment).

This problem is probably my fault I haven’t done something or done something wrong. Just need some help getting it and running for now

This is the path in railo:

any help would be appreciated as I’m stumped.

Just you know I’m running railo in debian mint using mariadb

Thanks Dai


The advice I was given in the railo forum when setting up mura in a subfolder was that I needed to to map it as above exept, mura instead of cb in the pattern (mura is working fine now).
Since I’ve put contentbox in a subfolder called cb I thought I’d need to map it as well, makes sense to me maybe I’m wrong to be honest I don’t know still very new to this and still learning.

As far as running express is concerned the conflict would be with apache in my root and it’s to much of a headache starting/stopping apache railo just to run the express version.
Besisdes if I’m confused now the express version has files in different places and I’d just end up confusing myself even more than I am now.

As soon as as I find web.xml or it’s equivalent in the express version I shall try it on my netbook just for fun, maybe I’ll have more luck.

Thanks Dai

I’ve setup contentbox under root and got half the install (may be more) the problem I have now is I can’t get into the admin section getting this error:


Problem accessing /cbadmin/security/login. Reason:

    Not Found

Right guy’s bash the brain cell together here is what I have for contentbox as far as mapping:

CFMLServlet *.cfc *.cfm *.cfml /index.cfc/* /index.cfm/* /index.cfml/* /mura/index.cfm/*

If I need to change the mappings what do I change it to!
Or what do I add to be exact because, I un-installed the files re-installed from scratch and now get this error as default.

This is now getting frustrating on my part. I’d like to play with it but, can get even get it out of the box

Just to clarify things I’m running jetty from my net book (Joli OS) and Mint Debian on my main computer with normal install of railo. Just a thought but, maybe some of this info needs to be in the readme for mappings and where to find them etc.
For newbies like me this would be extremely helpful.

Yes I did tick re-writes but I’ve un-installed it all for now will try again later (who said Einstein was right).
probably something small I’m doing wrong or leaving out very frustrating never mind I’ll get there in the end.

I say first use the express edition to play with it.

The. Try the source deploy especially since every install is different for people.

Ill document the handlers this week for you

Ok got the express edition up and running. One criticism (not a bad one) can you make your videos sharper some parts are very hard to read.
Apart from that great job you’ve done.

Thanks Dai

Which video?

plus most of the others I find them fuzzy/blury.
Sorry to be a critic after all your hard work maybe it would be better to record at 800 x 600 and reduce your browser to fit this size?
That’s what I use to do when making screencasts.

Then when maximised it’s still pretty clearish