New admin UI

Hi guys,

I’ve downloaded the bleeding edge update with the new UI.

It looks great and admin now looks more professional and fast. However I’ve seen that spacelab theme has a better side menu with the last version, the menu does not disappear when I click on toggle button and seems more user friendly.

I’d like to make a pull request, but I need the css less file, the current one is outdated. I’m talking about main.less file. Could someone upload the last spacelab css?


What do you need Francesco, I thought all the files where there. Which one do you need?

Luis if you check this url: SpaceLab you see some difference with the template on contentbox. The left sidebar seems more user friendly when is minimized.

I have this working on my branch, but probably on the last spacelab css there is some change on the main.less file, because the template seems different, probably there is some new variable added.

If you want I could make pull request with main.css file from the demo version of spacelab. I was asking because I’m not sure you are authorized to use the last version of the theme.

I would assume main.less is created by Luis’s build package.

I have asked the author as he donated the theme to the project.

Luis Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp
P/F: 1-888-557-8057