New CacheBox Store: BlackholeStore

I wanted to share with the group a new Object Store that Luis accepted into CacheBox. This store is called ‘BlackholeStore’ and does what the name says… makes your cached data vanish in a blackhole.

When developing and tuning your application you may find value in using this store to provide a baseline for your application.

Anything cached by a CacheProvider configured to use the ‘BlackholeStore’ does not really cache anything. So, every time you perform a lookup it will be as if the object has expired. And, if you actually call “get” a null will be returned.

The docs have been updated to reflect this new store.

If you are not aware of CacheBox stores there are various types such as:


Aaron Greenlee

Thanks, Aaron, this looks great!
Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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