New ContentBox Install Fails at Datasource Check


I am attempting a new ContentBox install on a CF 9.0.1 server with MSSQL 2008. I just pulled down the latest stable release and dropped it into the root of an IIS site. The first thing that appears is the page asking if a datasource already exists or not. I have tried both options … letting ContentBox set up the datasource and manually creating it myself. Both options are failing.

I can see in Firebug where the AJAX request is made and in both cases, a valid, successful response is returned … but nothing else happens. I have attempted this same process in IE9, FireFox and Google Chrome and the behavior is consistent.

Is this by chance a known issue?

– Jeff

Do you have secureJSONPrefix defined in CFAdmin?

Thanks for the quick reply and yes, that was the issue. Everything else appears to be working as expected …

Thanks again!

Sure, glad it’s working. Currently, there are other parts in ContentBox that will not work quite properly if you turn secureJSONPrefix back on, even after installation. However, if you want to leave it on in CFAdmin, I think you can still override it in Application.cfc by putting something like this.secureJSONPrefix = “”.

Not the most elegant or long-term of fixes, but if you need the setting in place in CFAdmin, you might try this and see if it works for your ContentBox app.