New Installer is now available!

Hi everybody,

I am delighted to say our ContentBox installer is now finalized. Here are the procedures to install ContentBox.

  1. Download contentbox (From github now) and make sure you are using ColdBox 3.5.0 Beta ( (Our contentbox builds later on will have the fw included)
  2. Create a datasource called “contentbox” in the CF admin or Railo admin
  3. Hit the site
  4. Follow the wizard to content bliss!

Please test it out and enjoy.

  • Extra Steps
  • If you do not want the datasource name to be “contentbox”, then create it and open the Application.cfc and change the:
    this.datsource = “MyDatasourceName”
  • If you are using a special database like SQLAnywhere or similar, then change the hibernate dialect to your preference.

Hi Luis

The installer works great!
I've tested it on MAC OS with Coldfusion 9.0.1 and MySQL.

I also started installing on Railo 3.3.1, CentOS and MySQL.

With the following corrections i got my installion running


LINE: 60
var routesPath = appPath & "config/Routes.cfm";
(instead of "config/routes.cfm")

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: org.hibernate.PropertyValueException : 0
Error Messages: not-null property references a null or transient
value: cbAuthor.createdDate

Solved with LINE: 132
oAuthor.setCreatedDate( now() );

Application Execution Exception
Error Type: java.lang.ClassCastException : 0
Error Messages: java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String

Regarding LINE 142-207
function createSettings(required setup){ ... }
All values had to be surrounded with quotes (numeric & boolean)
"cb_rss_maxEntries" = "10",
"cb_rss_caching" = "true"

And finaly some more missing createdDate-Errors

LINE: 242
comment.setEntry( entry );
comment.setCreatedDate( now() );
LINE: 255
comment.setEntry( entry );
comment.setCreatedDate( now() );
LINE: 257
entry.addComment( comment );
entry.setCreatedDate( now() );

After all it is up and running :wink:

Regards from Switzerland


Thanks Daniel,

I did the routes one and the surrounding of quotes. However, the rest are because Railo’s ORM events are still not operational. Once they solve it, this would work, but I guess this is a workaround.

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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