New to the "Box" world. How long would it take to setup Cold, Content & CacheBox?

Hi Folks,

I have a client that asks for estimates like “Here is a pile of wood, how long would it take to build a house?”

The client is asking how long it will take to setup Cold, Content & CacheBox.

I told the 3 hrs + / - 1.5 hrs.

Is that reasonable?

I know that I am now only asking how long will it take to build a 3 bedroom house. :slight_smile:


Provided you don’t do anything wrong, the standard install should take as long as it takes to download and run the installer and configure the DB. I estimate around 1-5 minutes.

Hi Richard,

ContentBox is a CMS built on top of ColdBox MVC that inherently includes CacheBox for content caching as well as any other custom caching needs. (For that matter, ContentBox also uses WireBox, and LogBox) Setting up an empty site based on our default theme and a fresh database can be done in a matter of minutes if you know what you’re doing. Watch any presentation on ContentBox by Luis and he usually creates a site from scratch at the beginning of his demos.

So, think of ColdBox as a general guideline for building houses that comes with a toolbox of prefab pieces, one of those being CacheBox. ContentBox is a modular pre-built home made out of those pieces that you can move into and use as is, or build onto, repaint, etc. Perhaps you can give us a quick rundown of the kind of site your client wants setup and what kind of customizations or features they want.

Also, here is a general session on ContentBox:

Here is a session on extending ContentBox with modules

And here’s a session on how to theme a ContentBox site.



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I would be more interested to know why a client has knowledge of ColdBox and ContentBox and CacheBox, they would only care about the end result.