Newb question: Where is the administrator?

I have just found CommandBox today and have set it up and got it working, but where is the administrator? The equivalent of /cfide/administrator/?

Hi Jay,

If you click on the icon in the system tray (windows) or the menu bar (mac) you will find a link to the admin there.

FYI, if you didn’t specific a CFML engine on start then default default it will use Lucee 4.5 and not ACF.

Hi Andrew,

What if i’m accessing the box over ssh and not locally? I need a web administrator really…

CommandBox is not a web server. It is a cli that offers the ability run any cfml engine. So in order to access an admin you must start a server.

Once you start it will tell you the port it is on or you can choose your custom port as we’ll.

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Another way to access the remote server’s Lucee admin would be to create a SSH tunnel using a tool like,, to map the remote port to a local port and access the Lucee Server/Web admins in your local web browser on the tunnel’s local port.

Or this may be a programmatic approach. Others are likely far more qualified to weigh in on what can and can’t be accomplished through this approach.