NEWB: sessionStorage

NEWB here. I’m working through Basic HTTP Authentication Interceptor - ColdBox HMVC Documentation and recognizing that:

property name=“sessionStorage” inject=“coldbox:plugin:SessionStorage”;

…is not the way it’s done anymore so I ran:

box install cbstorages

…and then changed that line to:

property name=“sessionStorage” inject=“model:sessionStorage@cbstorages”;

But now I’m getting:

The target ‘SecurityService’ requested a missing dependency with a Name of ‘sessionStorage’ and DSL of ‘sessionStorage@cbstorages’

…and am stuck. Can someone advise?

SORRY! SOLVED:!topic/coldbox/yWk1oG0UGP4

Use this instead:

property name=“sessionStorage” inject=“provider:sessionStorage@cbstorages”;