Newb, using CFWheels

Currently have an app running on latest CFWheels. Just getting started with testbox… have it installed, seems to be working in that i can call http://{dev-domain}/testbox/test-runner/index.cfm and get the TestBox Global Runner page.

No idea what to do next! I have a CFWheels model with a simple function I’d like to test, and i have already tested it outside of TestBox. Where do I go from here? I can’t seem to find documentation on exact workflow, placement of files, what to put in a URL… i started understanding bundles a bit, but no idea how this relates to CFWheels or how i should organize my bundles. I am using CFWheels with the multimodule plugin so my app is broken up by modules, but each module migth have several models and at least 2-3 controllers.

Anybody clue me in?

You have some freedom to do many things as you please. However, the path of least resistance is to follow conventions. Inside your Testbox directory, navigate to ‘tests/specs’. Create your first test model in there.

Once you’ve created a test, re-run the index.cfm file you already found. That runner will execute all of the tests found in ‘test/specs’. If you want to only run a specific test model, or block with in a test model, the global runner allows you to click links to drill into those things.