No default event handler for packages?

Is there no default event handler for packages? The ColdBox config file lets you specify a default event such as “General.index” for when the request URL doesn’t specify an event. But what about when the request URL specifies a package name, but no event within that package? It appears that ColdBox doesn’t execute the default General.index event. I also tried creating another “general” event handler within the package directory with an index event and ColdBox didn’t execute that event either.

It would seem to me that ColdBox should also execute default events inside packages. Or am I thinking about this all wrong?

I forgot to mention that the ColdBox debugging info reports the current event as ‘utilities…index’. As you can see, there is no event handler listed between the two periods where it would normally be.

However, Coldbox correctly includes the package/index.cfm view, but I’m not sure if that’s actually by design because the current view is reported as ‘package//index’. Note the double slashes and again missing package name. I think in this case we just got lucky that the OS is still able to resolve that path name correctly.

I would suggest making a ticket so we support default handlers as well

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