No One There To Help Newbie... :(


im trying to find solution for my navigation issue.
i have some templates, where i don’t want to display Left Side Navigation…

By default all templates will display navigation.


In my Layout file Main.cfm, i putted my Side Navigation in IF Block.

<cfif NOT (isDefined(“request.hideSideNav”) and request.hideSideNav is true)>

<cfset recursivenav = NavVertical(parent=0, level=0)>

In my Template.

im using

it is not working … how can i control layout file with template ???

Can anyone help me? what im doing wrong ??

Your condition seems all wrong.


<!—this sets the var to true if not declared in your template… so showing sidenav by default—>

<cfif isdefined(“request.showSideNav”) and request.showSideNav is true> <!—this is now your condition to wrap around the sidenav


Then in the template where you want to hide the sidenav put

<cfset request.showSideNav = false>

Also, this isn’t really a coldbox question., more of a CF, or even general programming logic question, but hope it helps.