NoHandlersFoundException bug

The Framework.loaderService.NoHandlersFoundException error does not
take into account the possbility of all your handlers being in the
HandlersExternalLocation setting's location.

I'm not actually certain if this would be easy to fix since the
HandlersExternalLocation setting is in the format of
mymapping.myhandlers which would require file system resolution based
on the CF mappings at the time.

If it is easy to programatically access the server mappings from CF
administrator it would most likley be possible to search the external
handler location prior to throwing this message.

I'm also a little confused on the matter since the HandlerService.cfc
also seems to reference a HandlersExternalLocationPath setting so I'm
not sure when I should be using HandlersExternalLocation and



Hi Brad,

Good point. I will log this bug into the system. As external handlers where added later. Therefore, it should analyze both locations and then throw an error.