noob: fields populated spontaneously?

After creating a toy project, I am now building – refactoring – an existing site into ColdBox. Though I am still struggling with things, it is going well for the most part. However, I have this very strange behavior happening. When I boot up and navigate directly to either my login screen or my register screen, I am getting values displayed in fields when I believe none should be. On the login screen, I have two fields, email and password. The email field is populated with my windows login id. Doing a dump of the RC in my action function, password appears to be some encrypted value. I can only guess what. The register screen has more fields, and the results are far stranger. Amongst all the fields on the screen are two email fields and two password fields. The second email field has my windows login id, and the first password field has some value in it (I have not dumped the values here).

The register function follows

Are you sure that it isn’t the browser populating the form fields with remembered info? That sounds like what is happening rather than your code.

Thanks to an off-list response by Peter Bell and then validating behavior by viewing in other browsers, it became apparent that the fields were being populated by my browser, a blind-spot of mine that I have hit before. Sorry for bothering the group with this!