noob: getting handle to plug-in in a service

I have written a RegistrationService and I need to send mail. I am attempting to use the MailService plug-in. However, when I attempt to get the plug-in, I get an error stating Variable GETPLUGIN is undefined. I thought perhaps I needed to wire this in, but cannot find any examples and my attempt to do so did not work so well L It seems I am misunderstanding something quite basic.

Any help is appreciated!

Your domain model is separqate from the coldbox core methods as it respects your domain layer. In order to use the mail service layer, you must import it in via dependency injection or create it. ON Svn, we have moved this class to the core files so they are totally decoupled now…

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The model/service layer contains the business logic, is what I am hearing you say. Are you saying that it should not be sending mail, then? Rather that it should be sent via a controller? That is not how I see it in my head, but I don’t pretend to be an expert at “proper” techniques.

I was able to get a handle to the mail service plugin easily enough, after I re-read yet again a bit of your documentation. I was able to wire it in via the following:


i had asked this same question a few days back… i believe technically it is clear how one could go about it.
I think his question like mine is what is conceptually the best way to handle this challenge

a) mail activity performed in domain model ?
b) or mail farmed off to be handled in controller (or service layer)?

ON Svn, we have moved this class to the core files so they are totally decoupled now…
now that this is changing in M6 , How does this affect the way we were taught to do it using cfproperty?
can you show an example of how to get a handle to the mailservice now that it is in the “core” files?