On an internal network, letting others view a site - newb question?

So, I have CommandBox up and running on a Win7 PC for about a year.

With a new app, I need to have co-workers to be able to view/use the app on an internal 10.x.x.x network. For some reason, my co-workers can’t bring the app up when they type 10.x.x.x into their browser. My question is, is this a internal networking issue or an issue with CommandBox that I am unaware of? I’m running that app on port 80.

Thanks, CV


Do you have the host value in your server.json set to the 10.x.x.x IP address? By default, it binds to when the server starts.

If that value is set correctly, ensure that the other computers on your network can resolve that IP address by pinging from their computer and that no firewall restrictions are in place, either at the network level or machine level which prevent exposure of port 80 by a client machine.



What is the host set to on your server? By default, CommandBox will bind only to localhost ( which cannot be hit directly. Bind the server to your LAN IP and it should work.



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So, I did have it set correctly in my server.json file. It appears that my .boxr file, which had a different setting, was overwriting my server.json file each time I started the server. Thanks guys for the quick answer! Ché