Oops view displayed despite custom error template


One of our customers reports that they get the "Oops" view even though
a Custom Error Template is defined.

    <Setting name="CustomErrorTemplate" value="views/Error.cfm" />

I've tried to get the Oops view myself but all errors are directed to
the defined custom error template.

But I know that the app server has been going up and down a lot
because of manual restarts. Could this be the reason why our customer
get the Oops page instead of the custom template?

Pelle P

If ColdBox itself fails you will capture it within a Application.cfc onError() method. You should add some code to show your pretty error message from the Application.cfc onError method.


Thanks! Is there a way to disable the Coldbox error handling in order
to test the onError method?

/Pelle P

Try putting an error in your coldbox.cfc and reinit. The config is one of the first things loaded-- I think before the exception service is created.


Did you resolve this Pelle?

I added the onError method. In order to test it, I had to disable the
error handling in Coldbox (which I did by changing all catch(any) to
catch(database) in the coldbox.cfc).

Thanks for all help.