Open source examples of projects using Wirebox

Does anyone know of any Open Source projects using Wirebox? I tried
search wirebox on git hub, but I am getting everyones fork of wirebox.


Codex does now.

I have an Application I am currently working on that has now 5 modules that
I do plan on releasing as Open Source at some point, not only are these
using wireBox, but they are indeed ColdFusion 9, ORM and ColdBox related.

Was there something specific you were looking for?

Andrew Scott


Some of the ColdBox sample apps also have been updated to use wirebox.

ORMExample, SimpleBlog, CF8Ajax, and ColdBoxReader are all setup to work with wirebox.

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How

Thanks all,

Just need to show some real working examples to our developers.
Sometimes going through working code to see how people implement
something is more instructive than a simple example.