As you remember, my Railo server has a nasty difference to a fresh manual installed Railo server.
Now i want to spend some time to fix this. I know for sure, that the problem is globally.

To get some informations, i try again top setup ContentBox on the affected server.
Before the message "invalid interface definition, can’t find CFIDE.orm.IEventHandler or org.railo.cfml.orm.IEventHandler
" occurs, i have this two line in the log:

SLF4J: The requested version 1.5.5 by your slf4j binding is not compatible with [1.6]
SLF4J: See SLF4J Error Codes for further details.

Might this “error” be related to my ORM problem, or is this something else?

ContentBox :latest form the development branch.

Many thanks

Okay, sometimes a little typo can produce a big mess.

I had a silly typo in Railo’s server.xml, which destroyed the path to find the needed ORM stuff.
A double '-sign which was in my eyes a "-sign was the issue.

So, everything looks great now.

Thanks to all for helping me out in the last time and i’m really sorry to wasted your time messing around with this.