Override Coldbox's bug Emails

I wrote a PostmarkApp.com Plugin and I am trying to figure out the
best way to tell Coldbox to send Bug Reports using the Plugin instead
of the standard <cfmail> tag.

Any suggestions?

Hi Jeremy, I was hoping to extend the bundled mail plugin to use
PostmarkApp, hadn't gotten to it yet. Is your plugin standalone, or
built like that? Is it based on the PostmarkApp CFC at riaforge? Do
you plan to make it available publicly? I'd be interested in access to
it if so.

I'm afraid I don't know much about CB's bug reporting infrastructure,
or if it uses the mail plugin. If it does, using yours instead should
be pretty straightforward if it's an extension of it. If not, it might
take a modification to core.

Don't know if that helps much, but it's all I know.



I wrote it from scratch. I wasn’t aware their is a postmark plugin on riaforge.

This is a Coldbox Specific app but could easily be made into a standalone plugin.

Make sure you add the following entries to your Coldbox.cfc

settings = {
postmark_api_key = “api-key-here”

Keep in mind its not complete but I am hoping to knock it out in the next week or so. But it will send HTML & Plaintext emails fairly easily. It doesn’t support postbacks or attachments yet.

I’ve attached it so you can download it. Sorry I don’t have a public place to post it yet. I probably should create one on gitHub. I have plugins for just about every major web service or app available. Oh well, someday soon!

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postmarkapp.cfc (6.22 KB)