Override eventName for a Single EventHandler

Hi all,

I have a third party webhook coming into one of the event handlers as a POST request. One of the key parameters they send across is "event" - which is the eventName I am using for all ColdBox events. So, clearly this is a problem as I don't get hold of the actual "event" sent by the third party webhook.

What is the best way to deal with this?

1) Change eventName in ColdBox.cfc from "event" to "ev" or something more appropriate? I personally don't want to do this.
2) Do something in the Interceptor and rename the actual incoming event from third party to something else? Which Interceptor should I be looking for if this were to work?

Please advise.

Anuj Gakhar

Looks like I can easily get the data I need by reading key-value pairs in GetHttpRequestData() - Sorry all, ignore the question below, I guess I need some more coffee!

Anuj Gakhar

You can also use the onrequestcapture interception point.

Ah, thanks for the tip Luis. For now, GethttpRequestData() solved my problem but good to know about the interception point.