overriding event within onInvalidEvent interception point coldbox-3.0.0.rc2

I am writing a module that I want to watch for invalidEvents...
done... but, when the invalid event executes, i have logic to check to
see if I should render a different page on its behalf. Therefore, I'm
overriding the event within the onInvalidEvent interception point with
the following code.

<cfset arguments.interceptData.override = true />
<cfset arguments.interceptData.ehBean.setHandler("render") />
<cfset arguments.interceptData.ehBean.setMethod("page") />
<cfset arguments.interceptData.ehBean.setModule("CMS") />
arguments.interceptData.ehBean.setInvocationPath(getModuleSettings("CMS").handlerInvocationPath) /

but it is never firing the event CMS:render.page, and I believe the
issue has to do with the handlerService.getRegisteredHandler()

The last line of the function is
             return getRegisteredHandler(handlerBean.getHandler() &
"." & handlerBean.getMethod());
which ignores modules.

any thoughts?