Overriding setNextEvent/setNextRoute in controller.cfc


I need to override setNextEvent and setNextRoute, at least for within
the action methods in the event handlers.

Is there a way to do this?

The only way so far ive figured out is to use setController in the
I would set a controller that extends the default controller of
coldbox and overrides these methods,
i would call all the setters on the new controller with the values of
the getters of the old controller.

Please dont ask me why and if i am doing the right thing, i just want
to know this simple fact.
(I need it for my conversational scope, i need to intercept any url
generation so i can add a unique id behind the url that identifies a
state of the conversation for the generated page).


You can create a base handler that your handlers can extend and then override the methods there.